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Ken Stone, I have just been around the block a few times

Wow ok now that I have like 7 request to answer this one here goes.

The answer to this one is the same as a lot of things in life… It depends.

How good of a quality fake is it?

I am going to assume superior quality for this one cause really why not?

You can rent a car…Note this requires a card with the same name that is on the ID.

Now if this ID is all you have and you do not have a SS number to go with it well your kinda FUBAR for that bank account.

Buy Booze. Duh everyone knows this one.

But smokes. Wow now its really exciting huh?

Buy lotto tickets….Yeah go scratch tickets now you are in the big money.

You can get a tattoo or a piercing with out a note from your parents. But its more fun to get your friend one when he is drunk at his bachelor party….Just saying(Note:This requires a huge tip up front).

You can travel alone….Yes you can travel before your 18 but your considered a minor and suckage ensues at that point.

Book a hotel room….Now we are talking…Booze and a hotel room now all you need is company.

Podcasting Modern Platform By Panoply Megaphone A Go to a concert with out a adult….Ummmm yay?

Book a cruise…. Right up there with a plane ride, But this is more about the journey and less about the destination.

S-T-R-I-P C-L-U-B……. just do not droll to much or make frequent trips to the bathroom…Makes it awkward for everyone.

Buy porn. If your gonna perv out might as well do it in the comfort of your own room right? But then again who actually buys this stuff any more with the internet.

Go sky diving and bungee jumping with out a note. Well if your looking for a different way to get your rocks off, Nothing like almost splattering your brains into the ground for the rush.

Speaking of things going off, You can now but fireworks…Ya..No way this could end baldy….

Pawn something….. Not going to say anything just that its a fake ID already…..

Platform Megaphone Podcasting By Panoply Modern A Gambling…. Most places just check your ID and hey your a underage minor I am sure you have a great poker face.

You can see a R ratted movie….yay…..

Donate blood…Might as well do something to make up for all this bad karma your ranking up.

I am sure there are others that I forgot and if you have a bank account to go with it then what you can do….Well that answer is pretty much anything,

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